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The ilder (en:ferret) is small, lean, agile and fierce. Every ilder in Ilder have at least one of these characteristics.
Jon Arild Jacobsen profile picture
Jon Arild Jacobsen
Tor Gjøsæter profile picture
Tor Gjøsæter
Principal UX Designer and Front-end Developer
Christian Bjartli profile picture
Christian Bjartli
Principal Software Engineer
Trond Austlid profile picture
Trond Austlid
Principal Software Engineer
Jan-Idar Lemvik profile picture
Jan-Idar Lemvik
Senior Consultant
Stefan Svellingen profile picture
Stefan Svellingen
Senior Developer
Nicolai Gjellestad profile picture
Nicolai Gjellestad
Senior Developer
Knut Marius Sundt profile picture
Knut Marius Sundt
Senior Developer
Jan Fredrik Leversund profile picture
Jan Fredrik Leversund
Senior Developer
Håvard Hvoslef Kvalnes profile picture
Håvard Hvoslef Kvalnes
Senior Interaction Designer
Ørjan Hamre profile picture
Ørjan Hamre
Terje Eikerol profile picture
Terje Eikerol
Software Engineer
Thomas Hauan profile picture
Thomas Hauan
Dag Bjørnar Hollund profile picture
Dag Bjørnar Hollund
Software Engineer
Nina Ingvaldsen profile picture
Nina Ingvaldsen
Project Manager
Ingunn Elise Sørvik profile picture
Ingunn Elise Sørvik
Project Manager
Linn Solveig Sørvik profile picture
Linn Solveig Sørvik
Project Manager
Adrian Słowik profile picture
Adrian Słowik
DevOps Engineer
Adrianna Warczak profile picture
Adrianna Warczak
Front-end Developer
Jakub Różbicki profile picture
Jakub Różbicki
Front-end Developer
Marcin Kołodziej profile picture
Marcin Kołodziej
Front-end Developer
Michał Kruczek profile picture
Michał Kruczek
Back-end Developer
Zarko Mladenovic profile picture
Zarko Mladenovic
Front-end Developer
Dimitrije Jovanovic profile picture
Dimitrije Jovanovic
Front-end Developer

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