How we deliver value

Ilder AS delivers value through our experience, strategic partners and affordable prices. By leveraging a trusted partner in Poland we have continued to deliver large and small projects.


Design is in our blood. We follow rigorous processes with specifications, models and interviews to gather information to start development of your solution.


Every employee at Ilder AS deals with development in some form. From the high level translation of mathematical equations in research papers to executable code to scripting robots in UIPath. 


We emphasise an iterative development cycle with careful building of the finished product. As a customer you can expect to see your concept materialize over one or two week sprints, user story by user story, feature by feature.

Reference projects

The projects below reflect a difference in ambition and meaning. They have a very different scope, technology stack and user experience. Fonn, is a very modern app and web platform for online collaboration. Grasp emphasises the human aspect and use embodied interaction and technology to convey emotions. Plug is a super high tech IoT project with enormous ambitions and complexity.