The GRASP is used to register events over time. By squeezing the GRASP you store time of eventintensity, and duration for the event. GRASP replaces complicated apps, notebooks and other tools intended for self-reporting of affective events.

Ilders role

Ilders role in the development of Grasp has been to facilitate development across the entire ecosystem. This means that we have been involved in executing app development internally in Ilder as well as in cooperation with Zaven.


Grasp has a large ecosystem with applications and products living in the physical world, as the squeezable device itself, iOS and Android apps, backend infrastructure, firmware and more.  

App development

We help guide the design and execution of the Insight part of Grasps ecosystem. This means allowing the users see and work with the data they gather from their Grasp devices natively in an iOS app.

Physical world

Grasp got started with prototyping early on. Ilder has supplied a rapid prototyping process for evaluating shapes, embedded hardware design and evaluating design using modern technology.


The ecosystem is supported by various webapps for management, administration, production and logistics. Responsive webapps for decision support and analysis was created in react.

Tangible bits

To facilitate the prototyping and development we used embedded and cloud based technologies to enable the user experience.