Ilder AS has been partnered to since the inception of Fonn Construction, a prize-winning and user-friendly comprehensive platform for cheap and easy project management within the construction industry. Ilder has taken active role in supporting and augmenting development processes related to Fonn user experience, technology-experiments and integrations.

With both an app and a webpage solution Fonn is as easily accessible from personnel on-site as from the architect's offices, enabling project personnel to keep track of project-specific details and access to the useful array of management tools and solutions which Ilder has helped develop.

The Fonn Construction app provides easy overview over a company's individual projects and each project's content, tasks and issues.

Ilder has been consulted on developing Fonn's webpages as well as outside database integration.

Above is an example of Fonn's web solution, showcasing pages for project overviews, project detail board, issue-tracking, the daily report log and picture annotation.

Fonn has been designed with ease of interaction between project personnel in mind. Project details can be edited and adjustments will appear real-time in assigned or tagged personnel's project timelines. Images and photos can be shared with annotations or requests for approval by management.


To accomplish our goals we use a range of various tools and technologies to assist in development and during collaboration to ensure a good user experience.