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Shore power control system

Plug has built Europe's largest shore power facility in Bergen, Norway, and is planning to expand nationally and internationally. We are developing their control and monitoring system for daily use.

The challenge

Plug delivers shore power to vessels, and required a system that allows them to both monitor and control their operations.

They also wanted a way to display real-time usage of their facilities to embed on their public website or as adverts on other websites.

Our solution

The application we are developing for Plug gives them the ability to monitor vessel activity, get an overview of supply pit status, alarm handling, invoicing and much more. The system will be available not only for Plug's internal users, but also to external users: be it the stevedore at the docks, the ship agent, the port logistics coordinator or others.

We have also created some widgets that displays live data from the facilities that can be embedded into other websites.

The project relies on a techstack from Azure, spiced up with Golang for multi threaded reception of massive amounts of IoT data

Widget for
Mobile widget for
Skyscraper 180x500 ad widget for Bergen havn
Netboard 580x400 ad widget for Bergen havn

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