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Grasp your emotions

Grasp AS is a digital Med-Tech company who is focusing on development, production and distribution of an innovative digital device within the healthcare industry.

The challenge

How can you best communicate your emotions when they happened days ago? How can we aid humans to easier convey their emotions in an easy-to-understand way?

Grasp aims to make communication between patient and doctor better and more productive by allowing the user to track their emotions as they happen instead of subsequently by the use of diaries, forms, etc.

Our solution

The Grasp solution consists of the Grasp itself, Grasp Insight for desktop, Grasp Connect mobile app and Grasp Insight mobile app.

Ilders role in the development of Grasp has been to facilitate development across the entire ecosystem. This means that we have been involved in executing app development internally in Ilder as well as in cooperation with Zaven.

Grasp got started with prototyping early on. Ilder has supplied a rapid prototyping process for evaluating shapes, embedded hardware design and evaluating design using modern technology.

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