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Get the job right. User-friendly management software for construction teams. Increase productivity with better collaboration and on-site execution.

The challenge

How can one gather all documents, forms, receipts and other vital data connected to a construction project?

Fonn aims to make the work easier for everyone involved in a construction project, either on or off site.

Our solution

Ilder AS has been partnered to since the inception of Fonn Construction, a prize-winning and user-friendly comprehensive platform for cheap and easy project management within the construction industry. Ilder has taken active role in supporting and augmenting development processes related to Fonn user experience, technology-experiments and integrations.

With both an app and a webpage solution Fonn is as easily accessible from personnel on-site as from the architect's offices, enabling project personnel to keep track of project-specific details and access to the useful array of management tools and solutions which Ilder has helped develop.

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