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Ilder was founded by IT people with an ambition to create the IT company they've always wanted to work in. 

With an increasing amount of projects, we need more people to become an ilder and join our adventure in development, design and research.

We are currently on the search for devops, front-end, back-end and full stack developers.

Do you not fit one of those categories, but still want to work with us? Don't hesitate to get in touch, we're always looking for new ilders to join our business.

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We are always looking for new ilders to join our business. 
(Yes, a group of ilders (en: ferrets) is called a business)

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Our team

    Our work philosophy

    Ilder was founded to design and develop user experiences. We place the user first in our workflow, and have dedicated interaction designers within our team. This ensures that the solutions we develop are tailor-fit to suit the needs and wants of the user.

    We embrace the people who can enjoy (or at least somewhat enjoy) programming microcode for a 20 year old Mitsubishi CPU by rummaging old PDF manuals in japanese to find the required registry settings. We appreciate the people who on their spare time have made something just to test out a new technology or tool. We love technology—new and old—and we want you who feel the same.

    We are technology ambivalent, and want to transform, enhance and exploit technology to its fullest. We dont fear engaging with old or new technology to achieve a common goal.

    These are some of the technologies we use when we're working. If you know some of these, great! If you are more comfortable with other technologies, that might even be better! Then we can learn from each other and find the best technology suited for the project.
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