How it started

Ilder AS was started to enable its founders to work with what they knew and love. Tor and Christian has always been technologists. With Tor pursing his proclivity for design through completing a PhD at University of Bergen with an emphasis on user experience and the human element in the equation. Christian on the other hand has a head for logic, math and creative solutions to complex problems. He got his Masters at Harvard in mathematics with an underpinning of computer science. We founded our company with the name Ilder. Ilder (en: ferret) is one of Norway's only predatory mammals living on land. The Ilder is small, lean, agile and fierce and can in some cases become housetrained. Every ilder in Ilder have at least one of these characteristics.

Tor and Christian guided Jan Tore Grindheim (the founder of Fonn) in the early startup days to establish a tech stack and outline the overarching design guidelines and philosophy underpinning Fonns success today. With Fonn as a backdrop, Ilder as was started to take on more work from customers as GroupM, Plug, Posten, Hordaland Fylkeskommune, TVVest and many others. As we gained more work and found our way of developing software and consulting other our team grew to what it is today.  


Ilder would not be where it is today without our partners. The great solutions and concepts we provide are often augmented or supported by our partnering European, Asian and domestic companies with specific expertise.

Located in Poland. "A process-driven software development company from Poland."

Located in Poland. "A team of experts working with startups from med-tech industry. We help to achieve aggressive cost targets, get your product tested, industrialized and introduced to global market. We offer a wide range of independent consultancy and product design services. We work with engineering professionals and trusted suppliers to reduce time-to-market."

Located in Bergen. "Kolbrun Retorikk AS visualizes and conceptualises ideas, products, projects and company profiles. We can help you convince, we can help you show what your idea is, we can help you portray your company as it should. The way you want it."